Aquatune's End Of Financial Year Winter Sale 2024

Here are three reasons why you should get ready now:

1. Freezing Temperatures And Equipment Damage:

Issue: When temperatures drop, any water left in the pool/spa's pipes, pump or filter can freeze. This can cause the pipes to crack or the equipment to break.

Solution: Proper winterisation is crucial. This involves draining the water from the pool's plumbing system, adding antifreeze and using a pool cover to protect the water from debris and temperature fluctuations.

2. Water Quality And Chemical Balance:

Issue: Maintaining the correct chemical balance in your pool or spa water is more challenging during the winter. Algae and bacteria can still grow if the water is not properly treated, even if the pool is not in use.

Solution: Regularly check and adjust the chemical levels, such as chlorine and pH, throughout the winter. Using a winterising chemical kit can help maintain the water quality.

3. Physical Damage To The Pool Or Spa Structure:

Issue: Harsh winter weather, including hail and heavy winds, can cause physical damage to the pool or spa structure. This includes potential damage to the pool liner, tiles or the spa shell.

Solution: Invest in a high-quality, durable pool cover that can withstand heavy rain and hail. Regularly clear off any accumulated rain to prevent excessive weight from damaging the cover and the pool structure beneath. For spas, consider using a spa cover and a protective enclosure or gazebo to shield it from the elements.

By addressing these issues proactively, pool and spa owners can ensure their investments remain in good condition throughout the winter and are ready for use once the warmer weather returns.

Easy Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

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Spa Shock And Sanitiser Collection

Revitalise your water oasis with our Spa Shock and Sanitiser Collection. Unleash the power of our shock and sanitising products to keep your water pristine and inviting. Enjoy crystal-clear water that's perfect for a relaxing soak.

Regular testing, ideally after each spa use, ensures water that's both safe and soothing.

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