Flocculants , dust storms and how to clear your pool

Posted by Josh Abbott on


It wasn't only dust storms in Victoria that recently caused issues for pool owners, but also ash clouds caused by recent and ongoing bush fires in broader Australia. 

While flocculants have traditionally been used for clean ups after algaecide treatments and general murkiness in domestic and commercial swimming pools and spas, there has also been and increased demand to clean up after naturally occurring incidents such as dust storms and bush fires.

Historically, the traditional floccing treatment has been Alum (and aluminium double salt). this works well most times priding the pH is reasonably close to 7.5.

Recent advancements in floccing agents has seen better results, usually involving PAC (Poly aluminium chloride) and sometimes one or two other floccing agents which are less dependent on pH and work faster. 

At Aquatune we don't use Alum, favouring the more modern forms of PAC which we've found to have a better success rate.


The information in this article was provided by Warwick Abbott Bsc. Hon. Director at Aquatune.