Quantum Photocatalytic Pool Water Steriliser now supplied by Aquatune - water purifier

Posted by Josh Abbott on

At Aquatune we are excited to announce that we now supply the Theralux Quantum Photocatalytic Pool Steriliser.

The Quantum Photocatalytic Pool Steriliser uses state-of-the-art ceramic crystal technology and has the power to turn sewage into potable (drinkable) water without the use of chemicals. When using the Quantum, there is a significant reduction of residual chemicals needed such as chlorine or bromine. It also has the ability to dramatically reduce combined chlorines that may irritate the eyes and skin - ideal for small commercial pools and spas. 

Made in the UK, the Quantum Photocatalytic Pool Steriliser has been designed so it can be easily installed retrospectively into existing set ups. It is completely safe and significantly more powerful than anything else currently used in the pool industry.

The Quantum is a Photocalytic Oxidiser and has an immensely powerful effect on water with the ability to instantly destroy viruses, bacteria and pathogens. It can also convert suntan oil, urea and contaminants back to their harmless molecular form.


Features & Benefits

  • Combined Hydroxyl Radical & Photocatalytic water purification technology: most powerful, proven oxidiser
  • Only treatment that instantly destroys all bacteria, micro-organisms, pathogens and viruses found in water that even chlorine and other treatments cannot touch, including Naegleria Fowleri and Adenovirus
  • Two power options:
    • 55  Watts for flow rates up to 14m³/hour (65,000 litres of pool volume)
    • 110 Watts for flow rates up to 28m³/hour (130,000 litres of pool volume) - as seen in picture
  • Ensures a significant reduction in chemical consumption
  • Reaction is contained within the chamber releasing only pure, fresh water
  • Comes pre-assembled with all necessary sensors and control components
  • Ultimate sterilisation; eliminates sore eyes, itchy skin, discoloured hair, strong odours whilst creating no risk to pool users
  • Sea water compatible
  • 14,000-hour lamp life (approx 5 years domestically)
  • All Quantum units are supplied complete with flow switch and lamp life indicator and reset switch.
Please contact us directly to to see if the Theralux Quantum is suitable for your pool 0882240344 - you wont be disappointed!