Cleaning and sanitising a second hand spa (and what exactly is Biofilm?)

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Cleaning and sanitising a second hand spa

Have you purchased a second hand spa?

First things first: you’re going to want to get rid of the biofilm lurking in the pipes. Biofilm is as disgusting as it sounds, especially if it used to belong to a stranger.

Biofilm is made up of a collection of body fats and oils, solid matter, organics and bacteria (have you ever looked down the drain in your bathroom sink or shower?) Bacteria love hot water and multiply much faster than in cold water – spas and hot tubs are a breeding ground for all kinds of bugs and pathogens, such as e-coli, giardia, legionella, pseudomonas and cryptosporidia……

Once biofilm takes hold in the pipes, even high levels of chlorine or bromine won’t break it down and remove it.

A single treatment with a BioFresh tablet, circulated through the spa and its plumbing for between 8-24 hours will attack and destroy biofilm in pipes.

You’re welcome.

Not sure what to do next? We’ve got you covered.

Our Spa Starter Kit is a bundle of our favourite products designed to ensure water balance, perfect sanitation and bather comfort. No matter the size of your hot tub, spa or swim spa our Spa Starter Kit will set you up.

Water balance: the correct pH ensures everything works as it should. Use Insta test strips to check, then adjust with Alkalinity Up or pH Down

Water sanitation: Spa Shock & Sanitiser is a dichlor that is specifically designed to remain stable in heated spa water. The addition of a teaspoonful half an hour prior to bathing will sanitise the water, then “gas off”, leaving no residual chlorine in the water. It’s perfect for sensitive skin. The added clarifier will keep your water sparkling.

Cleaning your Filter Cartridge: clean filters efficiently pick up and remove all the nasties from the water. Keeping them clean will keep your water clean. We’ve perfected a blend that’s quick and easy to use and will prolong the life of your filter.It will also disolve all the body fats that build up in the filter. Check out our Cartridge Filter Cleaner 

Water replacement: Instead of dumping the entire contents of your spa, save water, heating costs and money by replacing little bits often. We recommend the removal of 5cm of spa water each week. Fill back up with fresh tap water and your whole spa will stay fresher for longer.
Now that you’re getting the hang of it….. did someone say Mineral Spa?

Imagine soaking in a rich blend of muscle-soothing minerals. Water that is soft and smooth to feel, moisturises your skin, conditions your hair and calms your nervous system.

Magnesium is readily absorbed by the skin and provides natural relief for muscular complaints. Enhanced Mineral Additive – your Day Spa at home.

Disclaimer: butler service not included.