Dive Into Wellness: The Magnificent Benefits Of Magnesium For Your Pool, Spa And Bath Experience

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An Enjoyable & Rejuvenating Experience - Discover The Benefits Of Magnesium

When it comes to the world of pool, spa and bath maintenance, one element has been making waves for all the right reasons – magnesium. While commonly associated with health benefits when ingested, magnesium also plays a crucial role in addressing various issues related to your skin, hair and pool / spa / bath equipment. In this blog post, we'll dive into the specifics of common problems faced by pool, spa and bath enthusiasts and explore how magnesium can be the key to unlocking a more enjoyable and rejuvenating experience.

 Skin Problems After A Refreshing Swim? Promote Skin Hydration While Swimming

1. Skin Issues After Swimming:

Problem: Many pool enthusiasts find themselves facing skin problems after a refreshing swim, such as dryness, irritation or redness.

Solution – Magnesium:
Magnesium has natural moisturising properties that can help alleviate skin dryness and irritation. By incorporating magnesium into your pool, spa or bath water, you create an environment that promotes skin hydration, leaving you with that coveted post-swim glow.

 Skin Flaring Up After A Swim? Enjoy A More Soothing & Comfortable Swim

2. Rashes Or Eczema Concerns:

Problem: Individuals with sensitive skin or pre-existing skin conditions like eczema may experience flare-ups after spending time in chlorinated water.

Solution – Magnesium:
Adding magnesium can act as a gentle skin therapy to help balance the effect on skin from pool chemicals. Its natural properties make it less likely to cause skin irritation, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin or eczema. Adding the right magnesium blend to your pool or spa can provide a more soothing and comfortable swim.

 Dry Brittle Tangled Hair After A Swim? You Can Be Swimming With Vibrant Hair?

3. Tangled Or Dry Hair After Swimming / Bathing:

Problem: Chlorine and other chemicals in pool water can strip hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle and prone to tangling.

Solution – Magnesium:
Magnesium helps maintain the natural oils in your hair, preventing excessive dryness and tangling. By incorporating magnesium into your pool, spa or bath water, you can enjoy a swim without sacrificing the health and vibrancy of your hair.


4. Excessive Caking / Calcium Buildup On Your Salt Cell:

Problem: Over time, salt cells in pools can accumulate excessive calcium deposits, leading to reduced efficiency and performance which can cause problems and lead to issues like algae growth and make your pool water green.

Solution – Magnesium:
Magnesium can inhibit the buildup of calcium deposits on your salt cell. By introducing magnesium into your pool maintenance routine, you help prevent caking and ensure your salt cell operates at its optimal level, extending its lifespan.

5. Scaling Issues On Your Tile Lines:

Problem: The formation of scale on tile lines is a common issue, especially in hard water areas, resulting in an unsightly appearance and potential damage.

Solution – Magnesium:
Magnesium helps prevent the formation of scale by binding with calcium and preventing it from settling on your tile lines. Regular use of magnesium in your pool, spa or bath water can assist in keeping your tile lines looking pristine and reduce the need for laborious cleaning efforts.


Conclusion And Product Recommendations

Incorporating magnesium into your pool, spa and bath maintenance routine is not just about ensuring crystal-clear water; it's about enhancing your overall well-being. From addressing skin and hair concerns to safeguarding your pool equipment, magnesium proves to be a versatile solution for a more enjoyable and rejuvenating aquatic experience. Dive into the world of magnesium-infused water and let your pool, spa or bath become a haven of relaxation and revitalisation.

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