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Greetings, pool and spa enthusiasts!

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In today's blog post, we extend our gratitude to Helen, for her insightful question on tackling algae. Algae, the bane of every pool / spa owner's existence, can turn your aquatic paradise into a murky nightmare. Fear not, for we're here to offer expert advice on maintaining algae-free pools and spas. Let's dive right in!

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Featured Question:

"What are some tips you can provide for controlling algae?"

We're here to help you enjoy a hassle-free aquatic oasis 🏊‍♀️🌴, so let’s get into it!

Algae control is a common concern for pool and spa owners, especially in warmer climates.

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Unfortunately, once algae is present in your pool, most sanitation systems/methods (like Salt Water Chlorinators/Ionisers/Powdered Chlorine or tablets etc) will struggle to keep the algae from spreading and eventually the algae will spread.

Here are some expert tips to keep those pesky algae at bay:

1. Regular Maintenance is Key: Consistent upkeep is essential. Skim leaves and debris daily, and vacuum your pool or spa weekly to prevent organic matter buildup that can feed algae. This includes removing the build up of phosphates that feed algae once present. Regular high strength phosphate removers may be necessary.

2. Optimise Filtration: Ensure your filters are clean and functioning properly. Backwash or clean the filter regularly to maintain efficient water circulation and filtration.

3. Maintain Proper Water Chemistry: Balanced water chemistry helps deter algae growth. Regularly test, adjust and balance pH, chlorine (or other sanitisation levels), hardness or sanitisation levels and alkalinity to keep them within recommended ranges.

4. Shock Treatment: Shocking your pool or spa with a high dose of chlorine can help eliminate existing algae and prevent new growth. Follow manufacturer guidelines for shock treatments. Some shock treatments are available here.

5. Circulation is Vital: Proper water circulation inhibits algae formation. Run your pump and filtration system for an adequate amount of time each day, usually 8-10 hours.

6. Sunlight Management: Algae thrive in sunlight. Use a pool cover when the pool or spa is not in use to limit sunlight exposure and reduce algae growth. Sunlight can also burn off chlorine that is added or being produced by your saltwater chlorinator. Having a sufficient Stabiliser level will reduce your chlorine burn off by up to 50%.

7. Scrub and Brush: Regularly scrub and brush the pool walls, floors, and other surfaces to dislodge organic matter and help disturb “dead spots” in your pool that circulation misses. These dead spots are typically where algae may start to grow.

8. Boost Sanitation: If algae begins to grow in your pool you may be able to boost your sanitation production if you get it early enough. If not destroyed or eliminated completely, algae will use up general sanitation levels and you’ll use a lot more chemicals. If you have algae present, an algaecide is recommended to kill the algae.

9. Stay Consistent: Algae prevention requires ongoing effort. Consistency in water balance, sanitation and maintenance routines is the key to keeping algae at bay.

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Remember, prevention is easier than eradication. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to enjoying a sparkling, algae-free pool or spa.

If you have further questions or need personalised advice, feel free to contact our expert team at Aquatune. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Wishing you many enjoyable days by your crystal-clear pool or relaxing spa!

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