Unveiling The Secret To Optimal Chemical Maintenance For Your Spa

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Regular Testing

Welcome to the world of pool and spa perfection! At Aquatune, we're not just about products; we're about creating an extraordinary aquatic experience.

Our dedication to exceptional service and expertise is beautifully echoed in the words of Lilian from Oakleigh, Victoria:

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"I have experienced the best customer service. They were very thorough with their advice and knowledgeable. Delivery interstate was quick and hassle-free. Thank you."

Lilian's words echo our core values – a dedication to service, expertise, and making your pool and spa journey seamless and enjoyable. Speaking of journeys, let's embark on the enlightening exploration of an important question:

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"How often should you change spa chemicals?"

pH Harmony

Your curiosity, akin to Lilian's, holds the key. The art of spa chemical equilibrium relies on crucial insights:

1. Sanitising with Chlorine or Bromine: Maintaining chlorine or bromine levels within the recommended range is crucial. Regular testing, ideally after each spa use, ensures water that's both safe and soothing.
    2. pH Harmony: Aim for a pH range of 7.2 to 7.8. Regular checks and adjustments preserve water comfort and prevent equipment wear.
      3. Alkalinity and, if you have a gas heater, Calcium Hardness: These factors contribute to water balance. Test them regularly to keep on top of water safety.

        4. Shocking and Sanitising the Spa: Before and after getting into the spa, use a spa shock and sanitiser specifically designed for spas to get rid of most of the bacteria brought into the spa by users.

        5. Consider a biofresh treatment every 3-6 months: while sanitising the spa before and after every use is best practice, over time bacteria can build in the pipes in the form of biofilm where bacteria can flourish. A regular Chlorine Dioxide treatment can help destroy all bacteria that daily sanitisers miss.

        Shocking the spa

        Remember, personal spa habits and usage patterns may alter these guidelines. At Aquatune, we're here to guide your spa chemical journey. Our expert methods will make your spa maintenance and safety easy.

        If you’re just starting out with a spa, or you’re ready for a simple maintenance procedure to keep your spa well sanitised and safe for your family and friends, consider our spa starter kit developed by Aquatune that includes everything you need along with easy to follow instructions.

        Your trust, echoed by Lilian, drives our passion. Contact us for personalised guidance or product recommendations – your relaxation sanctuary's perfection is our priority.

        Thank you for being a part of our pool and spa family.

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