ZedZed 60 Metal Free Algaecide - Perfect for algae treatment in ionized pools Metal Free ZZ60 - Zed015

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ZZ60 Algaecide - an organic algaecide

Zed Zed 60 is a non foaming simazine based metal free algaecide which gives excellent results in all pool types and in the presence of all commonly used pool sanitisers. Zed Zed 60 was the first simazine based pool algaecide registered for use in Australia over 30 years ago.

Perfect for algae treatment in ionized pools

Does not contain metals such as copper or tin and is safe to use while salt water chlorinators are in use and will not harm the cell.

Effective against black, green and mustard algae by destroying their cell structures. Compatible with chlorine, bromine, salt water chlorination, ionic sterilization and biocide such as Baquacil. Non foaming Excellent residual properties for winterizing or long term algae control.