Sunblock Fast Dissolving Stabiliser - Cyanuric Acid - IQCA4000

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Sunblock Fast Dissolving Stabiliser

Protects chlorine from ultra violet sunlight

996 g/kg Cyanuric Acid, Stabiliser
Ideal stabiliser level is 20 – 30 ppm. Do not exceed 50 ppm.

200 g per 10,000 litre will raise Cyanurate level by approx. 20 ppm
Sun Block may be added directly to the pool. Pool may go cloudy for a short period but will clear within 8 hours. Sun Block may be added slowly via the skimmer box.
Do not add to skimmer box if Cyclone pump is fitted. Mix in a bucket of water first and then broadcast over the entire swimming pool. Cyanuric acid may take up to 24 - 36 hours to dissolve completely.
Application rates indicated are to be used as a guide only.