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Jandy 40mm 2 way valve W4724

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Jandy 40mm 2 way valve W4724

Jandy Pro Series valves with NeverLube technology have been the industry's best selling valve for over 20 years.

The NeverLube valve is totally maintenance-free and built from the toughest CPVC material that can withstand extreme chemical and temperature fluctuations without ever leaking, cracking, or breaking. 

Jandy Pro Series valves share one thing in common - dependability! Dependability begins with top-of-the-line materials and rigorous quality control standards.. Superior quality and plumbing versatility make Jandy Pro Series valves the #1 choice of pool and spa professionals everywhere!


    • Included placards label the valve position.
    • Never requires lubrication.
    • Adjustable stop feature allows for flow adjustment.
    • Can handle flow rates up to 170 GPM with minimal head loss, making them great for spas and water features that require high flow rates.

    Technical Details:

      • Designed for easy automation
      • Made from durable CPVC
      • Proprietary NeverLube technology with Lifetime Guarantee