Genie Spa Fragrance / Aromatherapy 250ml - GEN250

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Genie Spa Fragrance / Aromatherapy 250ml 


A range of subtle natural aromatherapy fragrances to enhance your spa experience. Can be combined with Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive for a total relaxation experience or enjoyed as it is.

Manufactured in South Australia , Genie spa fragrances do not contain any oils that may be harmful for your spa water or equipment.

Genie Aromatherapy is available in the following fragrances:

Misty - A unique blend of aromatic fragrances. Uplifting and fresh .

Calypso - We also call this one Pina Colada. This will take you to a true feeling of holidaying in the Caribbean.

Spicy Citrus - Zesty in aroma with a clean citrus tone.
Green Apple - The name speaks for itself.
Wild Flower - This may be popular with those wanting to get back to nature with a beautiful blend of perfumes.
Floral - Take a walk through the flower garden with this truly feminine aroma.
for the average spa, add 15-25ml. The Aroma should last about 24hours and will not affect your chemicals or balance.