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Fast Floc PAC Poolkare chemicals - 2 sizes (2.5L or 15L)

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Fast Floc 2.5 litre or 15L by Poolkare chemicals

Poolkare Fast Floc is used in swimming pools, heated and non-heated. Compatible with salt, bromine and chlorine based products. Poolkare Fast Floc has been formulated as a liquid and is easy to use. Perfect to use should your pool need to be cleaned up after events like dust storms, ash deposits or more commonly after a treatment for algae. Used to treat Muddy, cloudy or discoloured water.

Poly Aluminium Chloride

Poolkare Fast Floc coats contaminants and drops them to the pool floor where they can be vacuumed to waste. Poolkare Fast Floc improves filter performance.

Note: If you are using a cartridge filter, remove the filter whilst floccing the pool