Fast Floc PAC Poolkare chemicals - 2 sizes available (2.5L or 15L) - Fast025

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Fast Floc 2.5 litre or 15L by Poolkare chemicals

Poolkare Fast Floc is used in swimming pools, heated and non-heated. Compatible with salt, bromine and chlorine based products. Poolkare Fast Floc has been formulated as a liquid and is easy to use. Perfect to use should your pool need to be cleaned up after events like dust storms, ash deposits or more commonly after a treatment for algae. Used to treat Muddy, cloudy or discoloured water.

As a guide, 2.5L will treat a heavily clouded or contaminated pool of around 55-60,000L

Poly Aluminium Chloride

Poolkare Fast Floc coats contaminants and drops them to the pool floor where they can be vacuumed to waste. Poolkare Fast Floc improves filter performance.

Note: If you are using a cartridge filter, remove the filter whilst floccing the pool