Caldera 75 (73531 new style) Aquatune/Magnum Replacement Cartridge - 1019301/73531 - CA75

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Caldera 75 (new style 73531) Aquatune/Magnum Replacement Cartridge - 1019301/73531

Manufactured from quality Cartridge Element Media and made in New Zealand by Magnum Filters for Aquatune, the Caldera 75 is made of continuous filaments and does not weave out. It is heavier and sturdier than other filters on the market, and provides superior filtration - capturing particles as fine as 10 microns. We believe this is the best quality replacement filter cartridge on the market, equivalent or superior to original. Please check dimensions before ordering and call us for confirmation is you're still unsure. Dimensions are

height = 374mm

diameter = 178mm

hole = 67mm