BWT Pool Robot B200 - Floor and Walls upto 8M pool

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BWT Pool Robot B200

Excellent suction performance due to adjustable nozzles

Thanks to the adjustable nozzles, BWT pool robots have a better suction performance (19 m3/hour 28,500 l/cycle). The performance is higher the closer the nozzles are to the surface to be cleaned. The suction power thus adapts to the type of contamination to be picked up.

Efficient driving
With four large wheels, BWT pool robots tackle almost all obstacles and move easily between toys that your children forget on the pool floor. Easy and robust driving, perfect for a family pool.

4D filter
The 4D filter technology, consisting of a filter insert with an elastic 3D loop fabric in the 4th dimension, filters every impurity out of your water through additional vibration. From a small grain of sand to a leaf.

Plug & Play and easy cleaning
With just one push of a button, the BWT pool robot starts its cleaning programme, after which it does its job all by itself. The filters can also be removed, opened and cleaned from above at the touch of a button without getting your hands dirty.

Nationwide 2 year warranty