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Ezi-Chlor fast dissolving granular chlorine 4kg

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Ezi-Chlor fast dissolving granular chlorine 4kg

For the control of algae and bacteria in outdoor swimming pools. Skimmer box application
810 g/kg available Chlorine present as Trichloroisocyanuric Acid and 100 g/kg Tetraborate Pentahydrate
A blend of Stabilsed Granular Chlorine (TCCA) and a water enhancer (Sodium Tetraborate). High Chlorine level, leaving no residue and with built in stabiliser.
The regular addition of the Sodium Tetraborate enhances water quality, giving it a soft silky feel.
Acidic pH 2 - 3

20 g per 10,000 litres per day
Product must be added via the Skimmer Box with pump running.
DO NOT add directly to the pool.


Please note this is classed as a dangerous good and the shipment of this product is limited to SA Metro only.

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